I've been song writing, playing, and recording music since the early 1980's. I started playing drums in grammar school, and then got interested in electronic music in the mid-80's. Along the way, I picked up on some guitar, bass and keyboard.
Recordings went from using cassettes, 4 track, 8 track, and then with computers.
Never really settled on one particular style of music. Some styles explored are Pop, Rock, Reggae, Alternative, Punk, Electronic, Western, Ambient, and Psychedelic.
Released two CDs: "Life On Earth" in 1991, and "Radioactive Squid Pizza" in 1996.
There are around 700 songs on the website, plus covers, collaborations, and live recordings.
The live band performed from 1986-1996
This website is being hosted out of my garage. Hope you get some enjoyment from listening.
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