Buy $8 - Ensoniq Mirage 3 Disk Set Operating System BOOT OS MASOS FMT2 Buy Ensoniq Mirage 3 Disk Set Operating System OS, 
								MASOS and FMT2. Test sound included on the OS 3.2 disk.

$25 - Ensoniq Mirage 3 disk set: OS Boot Disk Version 3.2., FMT-2 Formatting Disk, and MASOS Disk Version 2.0 with Super Fast Shipping and E-Z Paypal Checkout!

Three Disk Set Includes:

(1) OS Boot Disk Version 3.2 (last one released).  Also includes test sound: "Pianos".

2) FMT-2 Formatting Disk. This boot disk will format blank DS/DD disks for use with the Mirage (boot with formatting disk-FD-remove formatting disk-insert blank DS/DD disk-1 enter-FC).

(3) MASOS Disk Version 2.0. Advanced sampler operating system boot disk. (Needed for advanced sample editing and manipulation, and for use with computer editing systems).

The Mirage 3 Disk Set will work on all Mirage versions: DSK-8, DMS-8,;or DSK-1. Images transferred to DS DD 3.5" Disks.


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